Excellence and quality in furniture – Natural Edge Fine Furniture

Our mission is to create beautiful furniture, of the finest quality. We pride ourselves on working together with the customer, listening to their ideas, combining these with our expertise and craftsmanship to create practical and stunning showpieces that will last a lifetime and beyond.

‘We create the heirlooms of the future’

Our company and our products

Natural Edge Fine Furniture is a small company headed by Cameron Whan, a craftsman who prides himself on excellence and quality. We have great respect for, and appreciation of, the Australian bush and its native timbers. We see the natural flowing lines, curves and features, and use these to bring the natural beauty of the bush into your home.

Our belief in the construction of furniture is that the strength and durability of the piece should never be compromised, that furniture need only be purchased once, and with care will last a lifetime. If we have the skills and resources to build something stronger, that exceeds expectations, then why not do so. Our attention to detail is meticulous. This gives peace of mind to us as craftsmen. And the customer knows that in ten years the furniture will be as the day is was purchased.

Solid timber jarrah table with natural edges and inlays
Raw timber drying for use as table tops

All our furniture is 100% solid timber, from the thick chunky tops, drawer fronts, doors, carcasses and drawers, to the tongue and groove panelling for drawer bottoms and cabinet backs. We have no chipboard and veneer passed off as ‘solid jarrah’. Tops for our tables can either come from slabs we have milled and patiently dried for our natural edge tables, or recycled boardsĀ  salvaged from an array of sites, giving the furniture a piece of history, and the timber an extended lifetime. Quite often customers request theirĀ furniture be made from their own timber which has meaning for them and will be a focal talking point in their home.

Finally, our finish is second to none. We believe that the final finish of the product is the most important step of all. After all the meticulous effort put into the construction, to skimp and rush on the finish would be denying its true beauty. The finish should draw you in and compel you to run your hands over the curves and the unique characteristics of your new furniture.

Solid timber jarrah dining table showing the quality of finish