Frequently Asked Questions

Have some queries about solid timber furniture or our company ‘Natural Edge Fine Furniture’? You may find the answer in the following FAQs. If not, contact us.

Is Natural Edge Fine Furniture made in Australia?

All our furniture is manufactured in our workshop located in Perth, Western Australia. No part of the furniture is manufactured overseas.

Is your furniture made from solid timber?

All parts of our furniture are made from solid timber. We do not use chipboard, veneer boards or other cheap products in any part of our furniture

Can you make furniture to my design?

We specialise in custom made furniture, and design furniture to the customer’s requirements. We work with the customer to come up with a design that suits.

Do you have standard designs?

We have a range of standard designs, but we do not mass produce furniture. There are many variations within each range that can be chosen such as timber, antique or contemporary profiles, standard or natural edges, or inlay features.

Do you use recycled timber?

We use recycled timber wherever possible. It is not only sustainable use of timber, it is also very stable because of its age. A lot of our larger timber is salvaged from fallen tress which we recover, mill and store until it is ready for use in a number of years.

What timber do you use for Natural Edge Fine Furniture?

We use a range of timbers, but jarrah and marri are the most common. Jarrah, with its dark colour and interesting grain, gives a classic rich deep appearance to the furniture. Marri is often used to create a light appearance in modern homes, and the gum veins in this timber are an attraction. Sheoak timber can produce different finishes depending on the way it is milled, and this characteristic can be used to create a unique ‘glistening’ finish. Oak and spotted gum are light timbers that do not have the gum feature of marri, and these are becoming popular for light coloured furniture. Blackbutt is also commonly used.

How can we get an idea of what our furniture design will look like before it is custom made?

If a customer is serious about wanting some furniture custom made, we will generate 3D drawings to illustrate the possible designs and options. These drawings can actually illustrate the finish in the timber desired. We are also able to show you many samples of timbers and options that will help in your decision. Often we can actually show you the piece of timber that will be used to manufacture the new furniture piece.